Core Content Science: Animal Top Ten

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Packed with unusual and unexpected facts about a variety of animals, these books are sure to attract readers' attention. Eye-popping photos add to each book's appeal and draw readers in to learn more about Earth's Amazing Animals.

Ages 8 to 12   Grades 2-4  Reading level 3    40 pages    6.5" x 9"  

Book features: TOC, Glossary, Index, academic Power Words, sidebar Fast Facts, Further Reading, Dynamic Photos with captions and labels, Locator Maps

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In a premise tailor-made for competitive kiddos, this entry [Animal Appetites] in the Animal Top 10 series (6 titles) counts down the top 10 animals with the biggest or oddest appetites. A few aren't surprises—like the blue whale, which eats literal tons of krill a day—but others are truly eye-opening.           --Booklist

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