Caution: Turtles and Frogs Ahead! (Wildlife Rescue Series)

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When humans build highways or clear land for development, they often put wildlife in danger. This series looks at unusual ways people around the world have come to the rescue of endangered species by providing safe ways to adapt to their changing habitats.

Caution: Turtles and Frogs Ahead!
Reptiles and amphibians need special help crossing roads. This book focuses on different approaches, from tiny turtle tunnels under railroad tracks in Japan, to salamander tunnels and turtle crossing guards in the U.S., to toad tunnels in the UK, and bucket brigades for frogs and toads in France.

Ages 7 to 10    Grades 1 to 3    28 pages    10" x 8"   Global coverage

    2023 Junior Library Guild Gold Selection


Nautilus Silver Award 2023: Children's Nonfiction Picture Book



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