Emma Just Medium: The Beach Dilemma

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Even though her family calls her Emma Bemma, Emma knows she is really just a dilEmma because she is just medium. That’s because she’s the middle kid between her two brothers, who everyone calls Big and Little. Big thinks he's the coolest kid on the planet now that he's 10. That means he doesn’t want to play with LEGOs, or play anything with Emma anymore. And everyone thinks Little is just adorable even when he picks his nose! Ugh! What’s a middle child to do?

Sometimes Emma feels like the only one who understands her is her Japanese fighting fish, Star, whose tank is stuck in the middle of his two brothers. And as usual, Emma has to ride in the middle seat as her family heads out on a weeklong beach vacation with friends, where being just medium will only get worse! Then Emma has an idea. What if she could get out of being in the middle by taking on a new role?  What if she acted BIG? Or even bigger than that? Will things go as planned? Or will she have another huge dilEmma?

Young Readers Fiction  72 pages  Ages 8 to 11  Grades 2 to 4  RL: 2
Themes: Self esteem, Confidence, Family values

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What reviewers say:

This is one of the best children’s chapter books I have read in a long time. Not only as an adult, but from what I can remember reading as a child as well. Each character is incredibly relatable and the real-life scenarios they find themselves in are relevant to kids today. I can see this book being part of a Scholastic book fair or one of those books children often checkout from the school library.

The illustrations perfectly fit the story. They allowed me to place scenes in my head and keep it continuing in a cinematic way as I read the story. This could be an entire book, T.V., or movie series that I would enjoy as an adult as well as share with my children. Emma Just Medium: The Beach Dilemma is a fun children’s book with charismatic characters that kids will enjoy following.

--Literary Titan Reviews 2023

Sometimes, when you’re the middle child, you just don’t feel as special as the cream in an Oreo cookie. That’s how Emma feels, but when she tries to fix her dilemma, she makes some surprising discoveries. Readable, funny, and relatable – especially for “middles.”

--Gigi Priebe
Author, The Adventures of Henry Whiskers series
Founder, Stepping Stones Museum for Children

"Emma is at a loss for what she should do next when assistance with her 'dilEmma' comes from an unexpected corner. ...It teaches a valuable lesson about embracing one's personality and learning to appreciate what makes each of us unique..."

--Kirkus Reviews


 2023 Bookpal's Outstanding Works of Literature WINNER
 Elementary category





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