Frankinschool: Book 1 Monster Match Audiobook

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Frankinschool: Monster Match is about a boy named Fred who "turns into "Frankenstein's monster after an author visit gone wrong. While Fred is out sick, the author signs Fred's book “To Frank”. When Fred's classmate Luisa suggests Fred must really be “Frank” in school, this sparks an idea for Fred's creative writing assignment. Fred's What-If poem is coming together wonderfully, until--a mist fills the room, and the writing assignment comes to life. Suddenly Fred--now Frankinschool--and Luisa--now Princesa Luisa--need to save the school from the mysterious potion--and the even more mysterious and devious ghost living in the school attic.  Book 1 in a continuing series.

56 minutes  Read by Skye Alley

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