Our Authors

Of Swiss, British and Syro-Lebanese ancestry, Sonia Antaki was born in Egypt and came to the U.S. as a child. Before discovering her passion for middle grade and young adult fiction, she had several careers-as a professional singer, a financial analyst, a Tony-nominated Broadway producer and an advocate for arts and Native traditions.

Claudia Atticot has written books, educational materials, as well as feature and news articles for children.  Most recently, she worked as a Senior Reporter at TIME For Kids, writing for children in kindergarten through 7th grades. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and young son.

Jacqueline A. Ball is a Seattle-based writer, editor, and the former publisher of Scientific American Books for Kids and Weekly Reader Juvenile Book Clubs. Awards and honors include Booklist Top 10 Youth Series Nonfiction (ALA), Children’s Choice and Parents’ Choice Honors.
Jackie moved from New York City to Seattle, WA, in 2012 and spends her free time singing and performing with groups, walking, and exploring nature with 7-year-old grandson Wilson.  Watch for Jackie's new series- coming in 2017!

In 2005, Kristen was awarded a scholastic grant and became the first Westerner to live in Sauri, Kenya. Her other adventures include hiking the Himalayas in Nepal and canoeing along the Mekong River in Cambodia on Where There Be Dragons educator program scholarships. She has also enjoyed traveling throughout Europe and the United States. Kristen ran the New York City Marathon, bicycled the Boston to New York AIDS Ride, and completed the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim. With experience in educational publishing, nonprofit organizations, and schools, Kristen’s most recent role as an educator has been teaching middle school and tutoring children of all ages through On the Ball Tutoring. Kristen lives in Connecticut with her Tibetan Terrier, Thelma.   Author of award-winning  A Calf Named Brian Higgins

After fifteen years as a teacher, Suzanne Barchers began a career in writing and publishing. She has written over 100 children’s books, two college textbooks, and more than 20 reader’s theater and teacher resource books. She previously held editorial roles at Weekly Reader and LeapFrog and served on the PBS Kids Media Advisory Board. Suzanne also plays the flute professionally – and for fun – from her home in Colorado.  Meet the Author here.

Wiley Blevins has taught elementary school in both the United States and South America. He has also written over 80 books for children and 15 for teachers, as well as created reading programs for schools in the U.S. and Asia with Scholastic, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt, and other publishers. Wiley currently lives and writes in New York City.  

Maxime Bonneau focuses his camera and his writing on social themes and animal stories. It was while scuba diving in 2009 that Max discovered his passion for photography. He hopes to help people discover the beauties of Nature and of the Humans on Earth, but also to raise awareness of environmental and social conditions. Max lives and works in Compiègne, France.

Maxime Bonneau concentre sa caméra et son écriture sur des thèmes sociaux et des histoires d'animaux. C'est en faisant de la plongée sous-marine en 2009 que Max découvre sa passion pour la photographie. Il espère faire découvrir les beautés de la Nature et de l'Homme sur Terre, mais aussi sensibiliser aux conditions environnementales et sociales. Max vit et travaille à Compiègne et à Paris, France.

Ken Bowser writes and illustrates his own books and has illustrated dozens of titles for others. His work has appeared in countless newspapers, magazines and periodicals. He is the creator, writer and illustrator of an internationally syndicated humor panel and has authored and illustrated a widely distributed newspaper culinary/recipe column. Ken is married, has two children and works out of his home studio in central Florida.

Alice Boynton is a writer and editor with 20 years of classroom experience. She has also taught courses in reading and language arts at Teachers College, Columbia University and Trinity University in San Antonio. Alice is the author of numerous books for young readers and the coauthor of a series on the teaching of nonfiction.

Laurie Calkhoven grew up in a neighborhood very much like Roosevelt Banks's and she's always been interested in wacky Presidential facts. She is the author of many books for young readers.  Laurie now lives and works in New York City.