Our Authors

When Caryn Rivadeneira was a kid, she dreamed of two things: being a writer and having lots of dogs. Both came true! Well, almost true. Caryn is a writer. She’s written lots of books for both kids and grown ups. And Caryn has had lots of dogs. However, right now, she only has one: a rescued pit bull who prefers the company of people to dogs. Caryn and her pup live in the near-west suburbs of Chicago with Caryn’s husband, three kids, three rescued guinea pigs, two parakeets, and too many fish. Meet the Author here.

Dana Sullivan grew up in Southern California drawing on every piece of paper he could find. He kept at it and now teaches picture book and graphic novel classes near Seattle where he lives with his wife and two dogs, Bennie and Max who lives mostly in his urn. You can follow Dana and Max at his website  

A former educator, Carl Watson taught Language Art classes in both elementary and junior high schools. As a published author, his work has appeared in both adult and children’s magazines. He was a graduate of North Texas State University and Texas Wesleyan University (ME). His work appeared in several children’s magazines and in stories for the Methodist Publishing House, Child Life, and in True West Magazine. We mourn Carl's passing in July 2022.

Jonathan Weinress is a certified trainer and therapist who enjoys working out for a lifetime of fitness. He lives and works in Great Barrington, MA.