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Amateur sleuth Jesse loves riding her bike with her mischievous cat. Jesse is never without her messenger bag and the tools inside that help her solve everyday mysteries using science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Ages 7 to 11   Grades 2... Details
During the Middle Ages, your position in life was based on birth. To make it easy for others to know your social class, rules about what you could wear - and not wear- were created. Such rules, called sumptuary laws determined colors of clothing,... Details
Middle school can be survival of the "fitting in" at best. In Dead Max Comix, Derrick discovers that his secrets aren't really unusual. This series offers a light-hearted touch at accepting yourself and findng your own "pack." Book 1: The Deadening... Details
History is full of fascinating stories of colorful characters, but some of the most interesting parts of history are really odd. You have probably seen scenes of government officials with their powdered white wigs, but in 1700s England and high-... Details
Meet these uncommon heroes with wet noses and big hearts. Each book focuses on a different emotional support dog and how they help kids process and overcome emotional challenges.  Ages 6 to 9   Grades 1 to 3   Reading Level 2   72 pages    5.5" x 7.... Details
***2020 Moonbeam Gold Medal Award Winner for Best Nonfiction Series*** The Olympic and Paralympic Games are showcases of the world’s best athletes. These events feature the best of individual competition and team sports for athletes of all... Details
A fun and entertaining way for readers to explore a new topic, broaden their knowledge on a favorite subject, or just have a few laughs. Each title presents 50 facts that go beyond the basics to engage readers with unexpected and amusing insights... Details
Personal Power is the ability to think and make decisions that help us succeed in all things. This four-book set guides readers to learn mindfulness skills and build personal power to feel secure and confident. The series presents a positive... Details
Red Chair Press Books for Young Readers Some of our most popular and award-winning books for ages 7 and up featuring illustrated fiction, picture books, and curriculum-aligned nonfiction.   Details
Core Content Library: Reading Not for bedtime reading! Traditional and familiar fairy tales retold with surprising twists and turns. This rich collection has been retold for the bravest young readers. Beautifully & originally illustrated; a 10-book set for the bravest young... Details


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