Rocking Chair Kids

Rocking Chair Kids Books are picture books designed for read-aloud and lap-readings.
Perfect for PreK to grade 1/Ages 4 to 6

Get Interactive reading and language practice provided by Lumos Learning:

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ABCs at the Beach:
ABCs at the Haunted House:
ABCs in the Forest:
ABCs on Skis:
I'm a Lot of Sometimes:
Middle Me:
Please Don't Make Me Fly!:
Worth the Wait:
Big Box of Shapes:
Colors All Around:
Count on It:
The Not-So-Right Day:
Duck, Duck, Goose:

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Rocking Chair Kids

The alphabet is all around us.  With this new richly colored picture book eries, the ABCs lead readers on an adventure through each season: Spring in the forest, Summer at the beach, Fall at a haunted house, and Winter on skis. Ages 4 to 7   Grades...

Rocking Chair Kids

Family can be defined in a variety of ways. And even when family means you’re loved and protected, young boys and girls feel the family’s challenges more than adults may think. Family Snaps are humorously told stories providing a snapshot of how...

Rocking Chair Kids

Each book in the 5-book set focuses on a basic concept children need for pre-school.   Recognizing Colors Counting 0-10 Recognizing Shapes Sequencing Recognizing Patterns Ages 3-5     PreK-Gr 1   RL: Adult Directed/Grade 1    32 pages   9" x 9"...

Rocking Chair Kids

The 4-book Seasons picture book set introduces and reinforces elements of the seasons for young children on their way to preschool or kindergarten. Ages 3 to 6     PreK to Gr 1    Reading Level 1      32 pages     9" x 9" Schools & Libraries 4-...

Rocking Chair Kids

Young children love a story they can interact with. Rocking Chair Kids books are perfect for read-alouds and one-on-one reading. This set supports a child's feelings around issues of growing up. Ages 3 to 5      Grades PK-1      Reading Level 1...