Scary Tales Retold

Not for Bedtime Reading: Award-Winning and 'Delightfully Monstrous'

These non-traditional fairy tales have been retold for the bravest young readers.  Haunted and creepy, each book in the series changes the way you will forever think of the classic tales.  


"A delightfully monstrous and fresh take on a traditional story."  -- Starred Kirkus Reviews for Cinderella and the Vampire Prince

"illustrations fluctuate somewhere between creepy and endearing. Gallows humor will have young fans of the paranormal simultaneously giggling and cringing... Perfect for the next generation of thrill seekers."   -- ForeWord Reviews, Fall 2016


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Not for bedtime reading! Traditional and familiar fairy tales retold with surprising twists and turns. This rich collection has been retold for the bravest young readers. Beautifully & originally illustrated; a 10-book set for the bravest young...


Four new retold Fables for Fall 2023.  Adaptations of Brothers Grimm's tales plus an inspiring fable from India.  High-quality original art by Patrick Girouard and Steve Cox.           Schools & Libraries 4-book Hardcover set: 979-8-7656-2049-6...