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The Award-winning Frankinschool: Monster Match is about a boy named Fred who "turns into "Frankenstein's monster after an author visit gone wrong. While Fred is out sick, the author signs Fred's book “To Frank”. When Fred's classmate Luisa suggests Fred must really be “Frank” in school, this sparks an idea for Fred's creative writing assignment. Fred's What-If poem is coming together wonderfully, until--a mist fills the room, and the writing assignment comes to life. Suddenly Fred--now Frankinschool--and Luisa--now Princessa Luisa--need to save the school from the mysterious potion--and the even more mysterious and devious ghost living in the school attic.  Book 1 in a continuing series.

Juvenile fiction   112 pages    Ages 8-12    Grades 2 -5    RL: Gr 3

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What early reviewers are saying:

"Rivadeneira deftly creates relatable characters, and their smart, sometimes snappy dialogue keeps the story flowing nicely. The plot delightfully explodes into an imaginative, hilarious, and ultimately dicey situation. But the story does more than simply engage and entertain; among other things, it offers poignant lessons on forgiveness, friendship, and fairness. Slightly spooky and utterly charming, young readers will enjoy every page of Frankinschool, Book 1."      
-- BlueInk Reviews

“Where else could you possibly meet characters named Frankinschool and Princesa Maria Luisa Octavia except in a story by the creative Caryn Rivadeneira? Only she could manage to pair a monster with a message of grace and forgiveness. Frankinschool is simply brilliant... humorous and heartwarming.
--Glenys Nellist, former schoolteacher and author of the Little Mole series and more.

“Kids will love the relatable characters in Caryn Rivadeneira’s delightfully creepy—and not too scary—tale about the power of imagination and the meaning of grace. Not only will they line up to read it, they will ask for more stories about Frankinschool and his friend, Princesa Maria Luisa Octavia!”
--Sonja Anderson, Elementary School Librarian and author of Sophie's Quest

“Relatable, funny, and just the right amount of creepy, kids will love Fred and his friends and their creative, life-affirming adventures.”
--Jennifer Grant, award-winning author of Once Upon a Time Not So Long Ago

"Monster Match is a great selection for third- to sixth-grade readers who enjoy books about friendship and supernatural events. Readers will be excited for the next book in this delightful series."   --Reader's Favorite   2023 Finalist for Best Children's Book 8-12


2023 Finalist for ages 6 to 8 The Wishing Shelf Book Awards



"A funny, entertaining, and slightly spooky chapter book for middle grade readers.This is a unique and imaginative book, and will appeal to children who enjoy fantasy, adventure, and suspense. A great first instalment of a planned series, The wonderful black and white illustrations by Dani Jones complement the story perfectly."  5 Stars!
--Readers' Choice Book Awards

"Frankinschool: Monster Match provides a delightfully whimsical tale for kids ages 7-11 as it explores Fred and Luisa's exposure to a mysterious potion at school that places them directly onto the pages of a thrilling experience....The result is an engrossing story that may disappoint youngsters who expected frightening monsters, but will delight all readers with its intriguing tale of self-discovery, transformation, magic, and changed interpersonal relationship skills as the also-newly-reinvented Princesa discovers in Fred some hidden and admirable talents."
--D. Donovan, Donovan's Literary Services

Outstanding Creator Awards Winner/
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Canadian Book Club Awards: FINALIST Early Readers Category

Canada's largest readers choice awards.



  • I love, love, love the writing. It’s fun and totally fast paced. The illustrations are so good! Do check this one out when it comes out. It’s book one and I do believe the sequel will come out soon! (PUB note:  Book 2 coming Feb 1, 2024)
  • I'm not well versed in elementary aged fantasy, but this is a fun book that readers who enjoy Vernon's Dragonbreath will find interesting. It might even spark interest in writing some poems.
  • Overall, "Monster Match" is an excellent book for children who love adventure, fantasy, and all things spooky. It's a fun and engaging read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. Highly recommended!
  • Monster Match is a great selection for third- to sixth-grade readers who enjoy books about friendship and supernatural events. Readers will be excited for the next book in this delightful series.

Semi-Finalist in Middle Grade Fiction: Gertrude Warner Award of the Chanticleer International Book Awards for 2023.

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